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Siri Updater

Support for consuming SIRI ET and SX messages. The updater is developed to support the Nordic SIRI profile which is a subset of the SIRI specification.

Contact Info

  • Lasse Tyrihjell, Entur, Norway


This updater consumes SIRI real time information. It is developed by Entur and supports the Nordic Profile for SIRI. It should be possible to develop it further to support a broader set of the SIRI specification.

For more documentation goto the Entur Real-Time Data documentation and the Norwegian SIRI profile .


To enable the SIRI updater you need to add it to the updaters section of the router-config.json.

Siri-ET via HTTPS

Config Parameter Type Summary Req./Opt. Default Value Since
type = "siri-et-updater" enum The type of the updater. Required 1.5
blockReadinessUntilInitialized boolean Whether catching up with the updates should block the readiness check from returning a 'ready' result. Optional false 2.0
feedId string The ID of the feed to apply the updates to. Required 2.0
frequencySec integer How often the updates should be retrieved. Optional 60 2.0
fuzzyTripMatching boolean If the fuzzy trip matcher should be used to match trips. Optional false 2.0
previewIntervalMinutes integer TODO Optional -1 2.0
requestorRef string The requester reference. Optional 2.0
timeoutSec integer The HTTP timeout to download the updates. Optional 15 2.0
url string The URL to send the HTTP requests to. Required 2.0
headers map of string HTTP headers to add to the request. Any header key, value can be inserted. Optional 2.3
Parameter details


Since version: 2.3Type: map of stringCardinality: Optional
Path: /updaters/[8]

HTTP headers to add to the request. Any header key, value can be inserted.

Example configuration
// router-config.json
  "updaters" : [
      "type" : "siri-et-updater",
      "url" : "",
      "feedId" : "feed_id",
      "timeoutSec" : 30,
      "headers" : {
        "Authorization" : "Some-Token"


  • Initial version of SIRI updater (October 2019)
  • Include situations with no or no handled entity selectors with Unknown EntitySelector (December 2021,