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OpenTripPlanner Deployments Worldwide

Official Production

The following are known deployments of OTP in a government- or agency-sponsored production capacity:

  • Norway (nationwide) Since November 2017, the national integrated ticketing agency Entur has prodvided a national journey planner which consumes schedule data in the EU standard NeTEx format with SIRI realtime updates. Entur has contributed greatly to the OTP2 effort and primarily uses OTP2 in production, handling peak loads in excess of 20 requests per second. Most regional agencies in Norway, like Ruter, Oslo area uses OTP as a service provided by Entur.
  • Finland (nationwide) The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, the Finnish Transport Agency, and other Finnish cities have collaborated to create Digitransit, providing OTP-based trip planners, APIs, open data, Docker containers and open source code. Each member organisation runs its own instance of a shared codebase and deployment environment. Their source code is available on Github, including a new custom UI. This system also has a strong real-time component.
  • Finland Intercity The Finnish intercity coach service Matkahuolto has developed a trip planner in partnership with Kyyti .
  • Lower Saxony, Germany The VBN transportation authority offers an OTP instance as alternative to the Hafas passenger information system.
  • Leipzig, Germany As of summer 2020 Leipzig Move has been using OpenTripPlanner.
  • Portland, Oregon TriMet is the agency that originally started the OpenTripPlanner project. Their Regional Trip Planner is based on OTP and provides about 40,000 trip plans on a typical weekday.
  • New York State The State Department of Transportation's transit trip planner provides itineraries for public transit systems throughout the state in a single unified OTP instance.
  • Los Angeles, California The new trip planner.
  • Atlanta, Georgia The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority's ( MARTA) trip planner and the Atlanta region's transit information hub both use OTP to power their website trip planners.
  • Boston, Massachusetts The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trip planner.
  • Seattle, Washington The Sound Transit Trip Planner is based on OTP. OTP also powers the trip planning feature of the OneBusAway native apps in the Puget Sound region. Technical details are here .
  • Tampa, Florida Hillsoborough Area Regional Transit uses an OpenTripPlanner server to power the trip planning feature of the OneBusAway native apps in their region. Technical details are here .
  • Piemonte Region, Italy and the City of Torino built on OpenTripPlanner by 5T.
  • Valencia, Spain from the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia S.A.U.
  • Grenoble, France from SMTC, Grenoble Alpes métropole, l'État Français, the Rhône-alpes region, the Isère council and the City of Grenoble.
  • Rennes, France where the STAR network provides an OTP client for iOS , Android, Windows Phone et Web.
  • Alençon, France integrated urban and school bus network planner from Réunir Alençon.
  • Poznań, Poland from Urban Transport Authority of Poznań (ZTM Poznan).
  • Trento Province, Italy
  • ViaggiaTrento and ViaggiaRovereto were implemented as part of the SmartCampus Project, a research project founded by TrentoRise, UNITN, and FBK.
  • University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida). The USF Maps App is a responsive web application for that helps university students, staff, and visitors find their way around the campus using multiple modes of transportation, including the USF Bull Runner campus shuttle, Share-A-Bull bike share, and pedestrian pathways. Open-sourced on Github.
  • Skåne, Sweden, the JourneyPlanner and mobile app for the regional transit agency Skånetrafiken uses OTP2 with the nordic profile of NeTEx and SIRI for realtime updates.

Independent Production

The following OTP-based services are presented as production-quality deployments, but are not backed by an official transportation authority or government. OTP is also known to be used on the back end of several popular multi-city mobile trip planning applications.