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HSL Legacy GraphQL API

Contact Info

  • Digitransit team, HSL, Helsinki, Finland
  • Kyyti, Helsinki, Finland


To enable this you need to add the feature SandboxAPILegacyGraphQLApi.

// otp-config.json
  "otpFeatures" : {
    "SandboxAPILegacyGraphQLApi": true


This is a copy of HSL's GraphQL API used by the Digitransit project. The API is used to run OTP2 together with the digitransit-ui.

The GraphQL endpoints are available at:

  • single query: http://localhost:8080/otp/routers/default/index/graphql
  • batch query: http://localhost:8080/otp/routers/default/index/graphql/batch

A complete example that fetches the list of all stops from OTP is:

curl --request POST \
  --url http://localhost:8080/otp/routers/default/index/graphql \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --header 'OTPTimeout: 180000' \
  --data '{"query":"query stops {\n  stops {\n    gtfsId\n    name\n  }\n}\n","operationName":"stops"}'

Built-in API client

A browser based GraphQL API client is available at http://localhost:8080/graphiql


OTP2 Official GraphQL API (Not available)

We plan to make a new offical OTP2 API, replacing the REST API. The plan is to base the new API on this API and the Legacy GraphQL Api. The new API will most likely have 2 "translations": A GTFS version and a Transmodel version, we will try to keep the semantics the same.


  • Initial version of Legacy Graph QL API (September 2020)
  • Added ids parameter to bikeRentalStations query (May 2021, #3450)
  • Added capacity and allowOverloading fields to bike rental stations (not yet properly implemented) (May 2021, #3450)
  • Updated documentation and process for generating Java code from GraphQL schema definition (May 2021, #3450)
  • Implemented modeWeight and added debugItineraryFilter to plan query. Added systemNotices to itineraries (May 2021, #3503)
  • Updated to ignore modes which are not valid in OTP2 (June 2021, #3464)
  • Add Leg#walkingBike (June 2021, #3550)
  • Add GBFS bike rental URIs to bike rental stations (June 2021, #3543)
  • Properly implement all bike rental station fields and add allowPickup, allowPickupNow, allowDropoffNow and operative fields (October 2021, #3632)
  • Create RentalVehicle, VehicleRentalStation and VehicleRentalUris types. Deprecate BikeRentalStation and BikeRentalStationUris types (October 2021, #3632)
  • Create VehicleParking type. Deprecate BikePark and CarPark types (November 2021, #3480)
  • Update and implement Alert type and alerts query. Add ACCESSIBILITY_ISSUE to AlertEffectType enum (November 2021, #3747)
  • Add geometries for stops (December 2021, #3757)
  • Add RouteType and Unknown entities and implement alerts fields (add add alerts field to Feed) (December 2021, #3780)
  • Take free-floating vehicles into account when computing state (February 2022, #3857)
  • Fix issue with GraphQL code generator (February 2022, #3881)
  • Add GBFS form factors for rentalVehicle (April 2022, #4062)
  • Implement allowedBikeRentalNetworks while deprecating it and add allowedVehicleRentalNetworks and bannedVehicleRentalNetworks. (July 2022, #4279)
  • Filters place types in legacy GraphQL API so that a bike park type is not returned if a vehicle parking has no bicycle spaces and car park type is not returned if a parking has no car spaces. (July 2022, #4296)
  • Include departures with skipped stops in the Stop type's stopTimesForPattern query. (July 2022, #4299)
  • Add built-in GraphQL client. (October 2022, #4499)
  • Implement support for omitCanceled parameter in some stop's stoptime queries (October 2022, #4504)
  • Rename unpreferredRouteCost to unpreferredCost (October 2022, #4543)
  • Make plan fetcher async (December 2022, #4676)
  • Fix alerts query severity, effect and cause filters (February 2023, #4909)
  • Use accept-language header instead of the default route request locale in the plan query (March 2023, #4971)