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Ride hailing services

This sandbox feature allows you to use ride hailing services like Uber.

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In order enable this feature, add a new section rideHailingServices in router-config.json.

The supported ride-hailing providers are listed below.


Config Parameter Type Summary Req./Opt. Default Value Since
type = "uber-car-hailing" enum The type of the service. Required 2.3
clientId string OAuth client id to access the API. Required 2.3
clientSecret string OAuth client secret to access the API. Required 2.3
wheelchairAccessibleRideType string The id of the requested wheelchair accessible ride type. Required 2.3
Example configuration
// router-config.json
  "rideHailingServices" : [
      "type" : "uber-car-hailing",
      "clientId" : "secret-id",
      "clientSecret" : "very-secret",
      "wheelchairAccessibleRideType" : "car"