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Container image

The CI pipeline deploys container images for runtimes like Docker, Kubernetes or Podman to Dockerhub.

The image assumes you use a volume to mount the input data (GTFS/NeTex, OSM) and config files into /var/opentripplanner/. When serving a graph it's also expected to be in this directory.

Quick start

Let's use the image to build a graph in Berlin.

# create directory for data and config
mkdir berlin
# download OSM
curl -L -o berlin/osm.pbf  
# download GTFS
curl -L -o berlin/
# build graph and save it onto the host system via the volume
docker run --rm -v "/$(pwd)/berlin:/var/opentripplanner" --build --save 
# load and serve graph
docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -v "/$(pwd)/berlin:/var/opentripplanner" --load --serve

Now open http://localhost:8080 to see your running OTP instance.