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Travel Time (Isochrone & Surface) API

Contact Info

  • Entur, Norway


  • 2022-05-09 Initial implementation


The API produces a snapshot of travel time form a single place to places around it. The results can be fetched either as a set of isochrones or a raster map.


The feature must be enabled in otp-config.json as follows:

// otp-config.json
    "otpFeatures" : {
        "SandboxAPITravelTime" : true

API parameters

  • location Origin of the search, can be either latitude,longitude or a stop id
  • time Departure time as a ISO-8601 time and date (example 2023-04-24T15:40:12+02:00). The default value is the current time.
  • cutoff The maximum travel duration as a ISO-8601 duration. The PT can be dropped to simplify the value. This parameter can be given multiple times to include multiple isochrones in a single request. The default value is one hour.
  • modes A list of travel modes. WALK is not implemented, use WALK, TRANSIT instead.
  • arriveBy Set to false when searching from the location and true when searching to the location

Isochrone API


Results is the travel time boundaries at the cutoff travel time.

Travel time surface API


The travel time as a GeoTIFF raster file. The file has a single 32-bit int band, which contains the travel time in seconds.

Example Request