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Actuator API

Contact Info

  • Entur, Norway


  • Initial implementation of readiness endpoint (November 2019)
  • Prometheus metrics added using Micrometer (October 2021)
  • GraphQL metrics added to prometheus export (November 2021)


This provides endpoints for checking the health status of the OTP instance. It can be useful when running OTP in a container.

The API will be at the endpoint http://localhost:8080/otp/actuators and follows the Spring Boot actuator API standard.


To enable this you need to add the feature ActuatorAPI.

// otp-config.json
  "otpFeatures" : {
    "ActuatorAPI": true



The health endpoints returns an 200 OK status code once the graph is loaded and all updaters are ready. Otherwise, a 404 NOT FOUND is returned.


Prometheus metrics are returned using Micrometer. The default JVM and jersey metrics are enabled.

Also, GraphQL timing metrics are exported under graphql.timer.query and graphql.timer.resolver, if the GraphQL endpoints are enabled.