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Stop consolidation

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Feature explanation

This sandbox feature allows you to "combine" equivalent stops from across several feeds into a single, consolidated one.

It is achieved by defining a "primary" stop and one or more "secondary" stops. During the graph build all trip patterns are modified so that the secondary ones are swapped out for their primary equivalent.


This has the following consequences

  • When you query the departures for a primary stop you see a consolidated view of all the equivalent departures.
  • When transferring at a consolidated stop you no longer get instructions like "walk 5 meters to stop X"


However, this feature has also severe downsides:

  • It makes real-time trip updates referencing a stop id much more complicated and in many cases impossible to resolve. You can only reference a stop by its sequence, which only works in GTFS-RT, not Siri.
  • Fare calculation and transfers are unlikely to work as expected.


To enable this feature you need to add a file to OTP's working directory and configure its name like this:

// build-config.json
  "stopConsolidationFile" : "consolidated-stops.csv"

The additional config file must look like the following:


The column names mean the following:

  • stop_group_id: id to group several rows in the file together
  • feed_id: feed id of the stop
  • stop_id: id of the stop
  • is_primary: whether the row represents a primary stop, 1 means yes and 0 means no