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Transmodel GraphQL API

Contact Info

  • Entur, Norway


  • Initial version of Transmodel Graph QL API (September 2019)
  • Added support for multimodal StopPlaces (November 2019)
  • Fix bug querying stopPlaces #3591
  • Fix the field bikesAllowed #3586
  • Add triangle factors for bicycle routing #3585
  • Fix correct type for BookingArrangementType#latestBookingDay
  • Fix NPE in BookingArrangementType data fetchers #3649
  • Add BookingInfo to TimetabledPassingTime and EstimatedCall #3666
  • Use correct capitalization for GraphQL fields #3707
  • Allow filtering by a list of ids #3738
  • Don't filter out stops who don't have multimodal parents in the nearest query #3752
  • Restore ability to filter by private code #3764
  • Narrow down non-null types type #3803
  • Fix issue with fetching parent StopPlaces in nearest query in Transmodel API #3807
  • Fix invalid cast in situations resolver for line type #3810
  • Deduce enum for bookWhen in Transmodel API #3854
  • Fix coercion of default parameter for maximumDistance in nearest #3846
  • Expose stopPositionInPattern on EstimatedCall #3846
  • Allow selecting first or last quays in a ServiceJourney #3846
  • Make language nullable in MultilingualString, as it is not set in NonLocalizedString #4074
  • Transmodel API transport mode not present or null is all transport modes #4123
  • Expose datedServiceJourney from EstimatedCall #4128
  • Expose stop-to-stop journey pattern geometries #4161
  • Add possibility to filter dated service journeys by replacementFor #4198
  • Add support for groupOfLines in top level query #4232
  • Fix issue when ServiceJourney is created by an updater and expose necessary information via DSJ #4365
  • Allow specifying allowed/banned rental networks in trip query #4459
  • Add flexible stops #4485


This is the official Entur OTP2 API. The terminology is based on the Transmodel(NeTEx) with some limitations/simplification. It provides both a routing API (trip query) and index API for transit data.

Entur provide a GraphQL explorer where you may browse the GraphQL schema and try your own queries.

After enabling this feature (see below), the endpoint is available at: http://localhost:8080/otp/routers/default/transmodel/index/graphql

OTP2 Official GraphQL API (Not available)

We plan to make a new offical OTP2 API, replacing the REST API. The plan is to base the new API on this API and the Legacy GraphQL Api. The new API will most likely have 2 "translations": A GTFS version and a Transmodel version, we will try to keep the semantics the same.


To enable this you need to add the feature SandboxAPITransmodelApi.