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Siri Updator

Support for consuming SIRI ET, SX and ET messages. The updator is developed to support the Norwegian SIRI profile witch is a subset of the SIRI specification.

Contact Info

  • Lasse Tyrihjell, Entur, Norway


  • Initial version of SIRI updator (October 2019)


This updator consumes SIRI Real Time Information. It is developed by entur and support the Nordic Profile for SIRI. It should be possible to develop it further to support a broader set of the SIRI specification.

For more documentation goto the Entur Real-Time Data documentation and the Norwegian SIRI profile.


To enable the SIRI updator you need to add it to the updators section of the router-config.json.

    "type": "siri-updater",
    "frequencySec": 60,
    "url": ""