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HSL Legacy GraphQL API - OTP Sandbox Extension

Contact Info

  • Digitransit team, HSL, Helsinki, Finland
  • Kyyti, Helsinki, Finland


  • Initial version of Legacy Graph QL API (September 2020)


This is a copy of HSL's GraphQL API used by the Digitransit project. The API is used to run OTP2 together with the digitransit-ui.

OTP2 Official GraphQL API (Not available)

We plan to make a new offical OTP2 API, replacing the REST API. The plan is to base the new API on this API and the Legacy GraphQL Api. The new API will most likely have 2 "translations": A GTFS version and a Transmodel version, we will try to keep the semantics the same.


To enable this you need to add the feature SandboxAPILegacyGraphQLApi.