OpenTripPlanner Deployments Worldwide

Official Production

Following are known deployments of OTP in an agency-sponsored production capacity.

  • New York State Department of Transportation's 511 transit trip planner provides itineraries for public transit systems throughout the state in a single unified OTP instance.
  • Arlington, Virginia's commute planning site for the Washington, DC metropolitan area depends on OpenTripPlanner to weigh the costs and benefits of various travel options, making use of profile routing.
  • Portland, Oregon, USA TriMet Regional Trip Planner, the agency originally behind OpenTripPlanner.
  • The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) trip planner based on OpenTripPlanner is in public beta as of spring 2016. Source code for their new UI is available on Github.
  • Valencia, Spain from the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia S.A.U.
  • Grenoble, France from SMTC, Grenoble Alpes métropole, l'État Français, the Rhône-alpes region, the Isère council and the City of Grenoble.
  • Rennes, France where the STAR network provides an OTP client for iOS, Android, Windows Phone et Web.
  • Poznań, Poland from Urban Transport Authority of Poznań (ZTM Poznan).
  • Lublin, Poland from ZTM Lublin.
  • Adelaide, Australia the Adelaide Metro Journey Planner.
  • Trento Province, Italy -- ViaggiaTrento and ViaggiaRovereto
  • Implemented as part of SmartCampus Project, the research project founded by TrentoRise, UNITN, and FBK.
  • Oslo, Norway Ruter's travel planner for Southeastern Norway.
  • USF Maps App (Tampa, FL, USA) - A responsive web application for the University of South Florida (USF) that helps students, staff, and visitors find their way around the Tampa, Florida campus using multiple modes of transportation, including the USF Bull Runner campus shuttle, Share-A-Bull bike share, and pedestrian pathways. Open-sourced on Github.

Unofficial Production

The following OTP-based services are presented as production-quality deployments, but are not backed by an official transportation authority. OTP has also been used by several popular multi-city smartphone applications in their start-up phase before developing proprietary technology.

Multi-region clients

  • OTP Android by CUTR-USF and Vreixo González. Can find itineraries on many different OTP servers via a service discovery mechanism.

Prototypes, technical previews, and demos

The following OTP-based services are demonstrations or prototypes. Caveats/disclaimers may apply regarding their use for actual on-the-ground trip planning; consult individual sites for details.