OpenTripPlanner Deployments Worldwide

Official Production

The following are known deployments of OTP in a government- or agency-sponsored production capacity:

  • Finland (nationwide) The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, the Finnish Transport Agency, and other Finnish cities have collaborated to create Digitransit, providing OTP-based trip planners, APIs, open data, Docker containers and open source code. Each member organisation runs its own instance of a shared codebase and deployment environment. Their source code is available on Github, including a new custom UI. This system also has a strong real-time component.
  • Norway (nationwide) Ruter provides a journey planner for the Oslo region. It has been in production since January 2016 and serves around 200,000 users per day. Since November 2017, Entur has also prodvided a nation-wide journey planner which consumes schedule data in the EU standard NeTEx format with SIRI realtime updates.
  • Portland, Oregon TriMet is the agency that originally started the OpenTripPlanner project. Their Regional Trip Planner is based on OTP and provides about 40,000 trip plans on a typical weekday.
  • New York State The State Department of Transportation's transit trip planner provides itineraries for public transit systems throughout the state in a single unified OTP instance.
  • Los Angeles, California The new trip planner.
  • Atlanta, Georgia The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority's (MARTA) trip planner and the Atlanta region's transit information hub both use OTP to power their website trip planners.
  • Boston, Massachusetts The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trip planner.
  • Seattle, Washington The Sound Transit Trip Planner
  • Arlington, Virginia The commute planning site for the Washington, DC metropolitan area depends on OpenTripPlanner to weigh the costs and benefits of various travel options, making use of profile routing.
  • Piemonte Region, Italy and the City of Torino built on OpenTripPlanner by 5T.
  • Valencia, Spain from the Municipal Transport Company of Valencia S.A.U.
  • Grenoble, France from SMTC, Grenoble Alpes métropole, l'État Français, the Rhône-alpes region, the Isère council and the City of Grenoble.
  • Rennes, France where the STAR network provides an OTP client for iOS, Android, Windows Phone et Web.
  • Poznań, Poland from Urban Transport Authority of Poznań (ZTM Poznan).
  • Trento Province, Italy - ViaggiaTrento and ViaggiaRovereto were implemented as part of the SmartCampus Project, a research project founded by TrentoRise, UNITN, and FBK.
  • University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida). The USF Maps App is a responsive web application for that helps university students, staff, and visitors find their way around the campus using multiple modes of transportation, including the USF Bull Runner campus shuttle, Share-A-Bull bike share, and pedestrian pathways. Open-sourced on Github.

Independent Production

The following OTP-based services are presented as production-quality deployments, but are not backed by an official transportation authority or government. OTP is also known to be used on the back end of several popular multi-city mobile trip planning applications.