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The code in this sandbox used to be part of OTP core but to allow more experimentation - in particular with regards to GTFS Fares V2 - it was moved into a sandbox.

The main documentation is located at Build configuration.

Custom fare calculators

When the GTFS Fares V1 spec was not enough, some organizations have developed their own calculators which are also part of the sandbox code.

The classes and their maintainers are as follows:

class maintainer
HighestFareInFreeTransferWindowFareServiceDutchFareServiceImpl IBI Group (David Emory
NycFareServiceImpl unmaintained
SFBayFareServiceImpl unmaintained

Removed fare calculators

The following calculators used to be part of the OTP codebase but since their maintainership was unclear and no-one offered to maintain, they were removed in July 2022.

If you were using these calculators, you're welcome to re-add them to the code base.