Google Cloud Storage - Using GCS Bucket as a OTP Data Source

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OTP 2.0


To enable this turn on the feature GoogleCloudStorage. OTP can load or store artifacts from one or more Google Cloud Storge locations. Each artifact must be configured in the build-config.json: See StorageConfig on how to configure artifacts.

Example (build-config.json):

    storage : {
        gcsCredentials: "/Users/alf/secret/otp-test-1234567890.json",
        osm : [ "gs://otp-test-bucket/a/b/northpole.pbf" ], 
        dem : [ "gs://otp-test-bucket/a/b/northpole.dem.tif" ],
        gtfs: [ "gs://otp-test-bucket/a/b/" ],
        graph: "gs://otp-test-bucket/a/b/graph.obj"
        buildReportDir: "gs://otp-test-bucket/a/b/np-report"